We Tried It: Budweiser Goal-Synced Glass

Above: Budweiser's new Goal-Synced Glass
Above: Budweiser's new Goal-Synced Glass

Product: Budweiser Goal-Synced Glass
Who tried it: AmongMen contributor Aidan D’Aoust
Available: Budweiser.ca

Budweiser’s Red Light is becoming more and more iconic. For hockey fans across Canada, the Red Light really turned up goal celebrations to eleven. We can’t think of any other product, that brings authentic arena atmosphere into your home viewing experience. It’s the perfect piece for the sports lover, and can invest even the most casual of fans.

This year, the traditional Red Light experience was brought all over the country with, Canada’s Goal Light. After being signed by 20,000 hockey fans, the light traveled across the nation, and made a pit stop in the arctic. But we know not everyone (with the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Claus) can visit the North Pole. That’s why Budweiser is personalizing the Red Light, with the new Goal-Synced Glass.

Like its big brother, the Goal-Synced Glass is hooked up to your Budweiser phone app, and will light up when your favourite team fills the net. It’s pretty darn fun, and makes watching the World Cup of Hockey, an even more patriotic experience. All you need to do is download the Red Light App on either the Google or Apple store. Then, fill up your 14 oz glass and flick on the hockey game. When your favourite player scores, make sure you don’t spill your beer in celebration.

The Goal-Synced Glass, appears in specially marked cases of Budweiser, and is available while quantities last. For more info, visit Budweiser.ca.

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan is a writer from Toronto. His favourite things in the world are music, movies, and mini dachshunds. Give him a follow on Twitter at @aidandaoust, where he’ll also accept your mixtape submissions.

  1. After syncing if your phone goes out of range about 10 m then the glasses become un-synced and do not re-sync automatically like they are supposed to nor can you manually re-sync them unless you remove the batteries. So disappointed.

  2. I am having a hard time syncing my red light app. I have the glass one.not the siren looking one.can someone help me out.

  3. Tried everything this glass won’t flash when a goal is scored. .it will however give me the link to watch highlight of the goal
    Budweiser u SUCK

  4. The glasses stop working after a little while and you have to go through a tone of troubleshooting with someone one on the phone to get a replacement. It died as well. Was wanting to get a goal light but think I’ll pass due to the bad experience with the glasses

  5. I am very disappointed with Budweiser Bud Light glass. I have been drinking Bud sence it arrived into the Canadian market That’s giving my age away.I saw your ad for the Bud light glass with the Budweiser logo on it and thinking what a great glass to for the playoff games.I went to my bud outlet and all I could find was the 24 pkg with a Vancouver canuck emblem on it Im not a Vancouver fan Im a Bud fan were can a Bud fan get a Bud light glass. With the Bud logo on it.

  6. I have been trying to enter my pin # for the red lights glass since yesterday night. And have even called the Budweiser phone #. The bud site was unavailable and kept msging me that something crashed. The telephone call could not help me in any way , shape , or form.

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