Dutifully Dissecting Dexter: “Dress Code” Review

Dexter: "Dress Code" (Photo: Showtime)
Dexter: "Dress Code" (Photo: Showtime)

Warning: If you read this, you’re going to know what happened last night on the seventh episode of the final season of Dexter. If you don’t want to know what happened, you should probably check out one of our other stories instead.

A couple weeks ago, Dexter was in danger of losing me.

Not legitimately – I wasn’t going to stop watching the show or anything – but what used to be a countdown to every new episode was going to become “I guess I’ve got to watch Dexter” time on the couch, perhaps while playing Candy Crush and checking my emails for the 47th time in the last two hours. When I’m not enthralled, I can be pretty easily distracted, and after Deb’s attempt to kill herself and her adopted brother was met with zero police curiosity, I was on the verge of being distracted.

What a different two weeks can make.

After Hannah McKay strolled back into my life our lives at the close of last week’s episode, last night’s show was a “we’ve got to be home by 7:45pm so I can get snacks and refreshments set up before I watch Dexter” appointment, and it didn’t disappoint.

Things are starting to get all kinds of interconnected and complicated in Miami, and that means we’ll in line for an entertaining run to the end of this terrific series.

Dexter and Hannah and Deb – Oh My!

Waking up on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere is rarely a good thing, but when your last memory is passing out because you’ve been poisoned by your ex-girlfriend that you know has killed a couple of three husbands in the past, it could be worse.

Once Dexter comes to, Deb comes out to pick him up, and the main theme of the episode is laid at our feet. Debra wants Hannah gone, and Dexter says he’s going to do it… but it’s Hannah. You know? The one and only person Dexter could be himself with, and while he says he’ll handle things, Deb isn’t so sure he’s going to follow through.

Looking into her story, Dexter discovers she’s married to a casino magnate named Miles Castor. He tracks them to an exclusive club, where he’s rebuffed by the bouncer – it’s members only, and besides, they have a strict dress code – so Dexter calls in a favour from his eager, young apprentice, Zach Hamilton.

Zach gets him in, and plays lookout when Miles leaves, and Dexter approaches Hannah. She tries to warn him off, suggesting he best be gone before her husband returns, but our star ignores her recommendation – and Zach’s “Get out of there” text – and we’re introduced to Miles.

Turns out, he knows Dexter turned Hannah in to the police, which begs the question, “What else does he know?” Miles is now a potential victim, but also someone who appears to have a strong hold over Dexter’s former flame.

The next day, Dexter goes to find Hannah at her old greenhouse. As they get to talking, she explains that her initial plan was to ask Dexter to kill her husband, but she changed her mind.  It’s a lame little bow tied around her drugging The Morgans and doing absolutely nothing to either of them, save for dumping Dexter on the other side of town, but the conversation swings around to Hannah still having feelings for Dexter, and vice versa, and that’s the part that was important.

Mr. “I’ve got this, Deb” is once again (still?) conflicted over the blonde-haired female killer that tried to off his sister last season.

In going to see Hannah, Dexter blew off a meeting with Zach, but we’ll talk about that in greater detail in the next block.

After talking to Dr. Vogel about her brother’s relationship with Hannah, and her concerns that he won’t be able to do the right thing (sounds weird when you call killing someone doing the right thing), Debra borrows a fancy GPS unit from Elway (more on him later too!), and slaps it on Dexter’s SUV.

Cassie – the cute neighbour Jamie tried to set Dexter up with a couple episodes back – catches Deb in the act of snooping around Dexter’s car. They have a conversation where Cassie admits she’s still interested in Dexter, but Deb tells her she’s better off with the nice guy that’s already interested in her rather than chasing her brother.

A little later, a trio of goons sent by Miles Castor jump Dexter. He knows Dex and Hannah met, and he’s not happy about it. Not one to take a beating and do nothing about it, Dexter heads off, presumably to find Castor and/or Hannah.

When Hannah returns to the yacht they’re staying on while in Miami, Castor confronts her about the visit, catching her in a lie, and becoming physical with her. He pins her to the bed, saying he owns her for all the things he’s done to help her escape the troubles she left behind when she fled Miami at the end of last season.

As Dexter walks below deck, there is Hannah, sitting on the floor, blood dotting her dress, her husband dead on the ground in front of her. Never fear, Dexter is here, and after a quick clean up (that we don’t see… on a fully staffed yacht), they’re dumping Castor’s body into the ocean like so many “bad guys” before him.

Back on land, they have a “don’t leave Miami before I talk to you moment” in the parking lot. Unbeknownst to them, Debra’s watching from her parked car, seeing her fears for this situation come true.

Right before Dexter and Hannah can have a goodnight kiss, Dexter is called away to a homicide… at his apartment complex.

NEXT: Protégé or Predator, quick hitters and Spencer’s two cents…

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