Dutifully Dissecting Dexter: “Remember the Monsters?” Review

Dexter: "Remember the Monsters?" (Photo: Showtime)
Dexter: "Remember the Monsters?" (Photo: Showtime)

Warning: If you read this, you’re going to know what happened last night on the series finale of Dexter. If you don’t want to know what happened, you should probably check out one of our other stories instead.

Really? That’s how you’re going to leave things?

Sunday night marked the end of Showtime’s Dexter, and after seven very good, compelling, tight seasons, the final stretch of episodes – including last night’s finale – sent the series out with a whimper, as opposed to a bang.

First, let’s deal with what happened.

This is the End

Dexter arrives at the airport, ready to meet Hannah and hop on a plane for Buenos Aires, but she’s not at the boarding area. Instead, she’s in the bathroom, hiding out from Elway, who is skulking around looking to collect the reward attached to Ms. McKay.

As a means of cleaning a path for Hannah, Dexter puts together a little backpack of goodies, leaves it under the bank of seats, and tells the agent at the gate that Elway left it there and walked away. Security snatches him up for questioning, but it also means the boarding area has to be evacuated, so Hannah is clear to leave the bathroom, but she, Dexter, and Harrison all have to find an alternate route to Argentina in the face of an incoming hurricane that is limiting transportation.

While leaving the airport, Dexter finds out about Debra being shot, and rushes to the hospital. They’ve taken her to surgery, but everything seems to be okay; the doctor is optimistic that she’ll recover.

She and Dexter have one of their “this isn’t your fault” conversations, the one where she tells him to leave, and he wants to stay to right things. Throughout, she’s asking him about hiking, something that makes no sense to Dexter because there are no mountains in Florida, and it’s never been something Deb asked about in the past.

Dexter leaves, and reconnects with Hannah and Harrison. They opt to take a bus to Jacksonville, where they can jump on a plane and start their new life, but Dexter can’t bring himself to go – not with Debra in the hospital and Saxon still out there. He opts to send Hannah and Harrison ahead instead, promising to meet them as soon as he can, and sends a supply bag with snacks, water, and other essentials with Hannah.

He then heads back to the hospital, where he walks in on as a vet tech that has been stabbed in the gut and had his tongue cut out is being tended to in the lobby. Dexter assumes it is Saxon’s doing (it is), and rushes towards his sister’s room, grabbing a fork along the way.

When he reaches her room, Saxon is at the nurses station, ready to go in, only he’s met by Bautista and members of Miami Metro, who arrest him.

Dexter goes into Debra’s room, but it’s empty. He tracks down Quinn to find out what’s going on, and…

Debra has had a massive stroke. Her brain went without oxygen for an extended period. The doctor doesn’t believe she’ll ever recover.

On the bus, Hannah tells Harrison about the penguins in Argentina, only to have Elway reach across the isle and touch her arm. He tells her is plan – they’re going to get off the bus at the next stop, he’s going to turn her in, turn Harrison over to child protective services, and collect his reward.

Reaching into the backpack, Hannah grabs a thermos and pours herself some tea, offering some to Elway. He declines, believing it has been poisoned, and smugly offers, “How stupid do you think I am?” That’s when Hannah sticks a needle full of horse tranquilizer into his thigh, and explains her plan – he’s going to go to sleep in 8 seconds, wake up hours later with a headache, feeling stupid, and she and Harrison are going to be gone.

Back in Miami, Bautista and Quinn try to question Saxon, but he’s playing dumb and smug. Shortly after, Dexter goes down to the holding cells under the auspice of performing a Gunshot Residue Test on him, declining an officer presence in the cell with him.

He eyes the camera recording the whole thing, and sits across from Saxon. Dexter explains that their little back-and-forth and Saxon shooting Debra has made it clear to him that he can’t just walk away from who he is, and that ultimate, he (Dexter) is responsible for all the pain and death in his life.

Saxon asks Dexter why he’s there, and Dexter tells him ­– “I’m here to kill you with that pen,” he says, eying the Bic Stick he’s just put on the table. Predictably Saxon grabs it and thrusts it into Dexter’s shoulder, who then pulls it out, and jabs it into Saxon’s neck.

He falls to the ground, blood pouring out of his throat.

Dexter presses the emergency call button he was given upon entering the holding cells, and when he watches the tape back with Bautista and Quinn, he says he was there to make sure everything was done correctly. Quinn calls it a clear case of self-defense, and says he wishes he could have killed Saxon. Bautista tells Dexter to go take care of what he needs to take of, and says he’s praying for Debra.

Dexter goes home, changes into his “killing outfit,” and hops in his boat, taking it over to the hospital, which is now being evacuated for the incoming hurricane.

He goes into Debra’s room, tells her he wishes he could take it all back, make it all better, and that he can’t let her live like she is – attached to machines, not really living. He turns off her life support equipment, undoes her ventilator, and Debra is gone.

Dexter wheels her body out on a stretcher, and carries her into his waiting boat, driving out into the ocean, where he dumps Debra’s body overboard, like he’s done so many times in the past.

He then calls Hannah, who is boarding a plane for Argentina with Harrison. They’re going to make it out of the country, and can’t wait for Dexter to meet them. He tells Harrison he loves him, asking him to remember that until he sees them again, and after they hang up, Dexter tosses his phone into the ocean.

The hurricane is coming, and Dexter drives straight into it.

The coast guard finds the wreckage of the Slice of Life, and there are no signs of a body. Dexter Morgan is dead.

Sitting at a café in Argentina with Harrison, Hannah reads the news, wipes a tear from her eye, and takes Harrison for ice cream.

Cut to black.

Return to a logging yard.

A truck driver unties a load of giant timbers, dragging the chain off his cargo. He’s bearded, gruff, but familiar. He goes to his small, non-descript house, and sits at a bare table in the sinking light.

He faces the camera.

Hello Dexter.

Roll credits.

NEXT: Spencer’s two cents on Dexter’s much-hyped series finale…

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