Who is the “Last Jedi” in Star Wars Episode VIII?

Above: 'The Last Jedi' lands in theatres this December
Above: 'The Last Jedi' lands in theatres this December

Yesterday, fans of the Star Wars saga were treated to some pretty big news. With Episode VIII set to hit screens this December, Disney and LucasFilm finally unveiled the title of the series’ next instalment. In a sly poster debut, it was revealed that the next and highly anticipated chapter would be called, The Last Jedi. While the plot of the movie is very much shrouded in secrecy, this newfound information is plenty for us hardcore fans to work with.

At a mere three words long, there’s still enough meat in the title for fanatics to uncover some true revelations. If you fancy yourself a member of this aforementioned group, stick with us after the jump as we begin to investigate The Last Jedi. What could the title mean? Just who is this last Jedi, and what does their fate hold for the remainder of the trilogy? While these are simple theories, they are of course, very much tied to the previous entry. If you’ve yet to see The Force Awakens, here is your first and final spoiler warning.



Perhaps the most obvious suspect for the last Jedi, is everyone’s favourite scavenger, Rey. We know in the closing sequence of Force Awakens, that Rey had located the exiled Luke Skywalker to deliver his long-lost lightsaber, and in turn, warn him of the galaxy’s impending threat – Imperial wannabes, the First Order. It’s safe to assume that after her bout with Kylo Ren, Rey will become the newest Jedi Knight. Will she embark on some kickass training sessions with the grizzled old Skywalker? That’s pretty much a lock at this point. Still, the wording of “last Jedi” means that if Rey is indeed the next force-wielder, she will become the light side’s only hope.

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