Late Night T.V. Still Loves You, Rob Ford

Jon Stewart smiles, shakes his head at Toronto's guiding spirit
Jon Stewart smiles, shakes his head at Toronto's guiding spirit

Toronto mayor Rob Ford is getting a lot of love on the American late night this week. Hosts Jay Leno, Jimmy Kimmel, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy Fallon and Jon Stewart have all covered recent upsets in the Toronto mayor’s reign.

A particular highlight: a city council meeting this past Wednesday in which 37 of 42 ballots voted to ask Rob Ford to step down as mayor, again.

You can watch a compilation video here. Laughter is often the best response.

Recent developments in the Toronto mayor’s reign have provoked intense media coverage that is just now spreading to the United States. Some of these include the disclosure of Ford’s infamous ‘crack video,’ and his later statement that he “gets enough to eat at home” after being asked about making sexual advances toward one of his colleagues.

Today, Global covers a city hall meeting in which councillors debate stripping Rob Ford of certain mayoral powers. Tomorrow, SNL promises a skit.

Zach Buck

Zach Buck

Zach Buck is a writer and editor currently living in South Korea. He serves as the official editor of Spatial Studies magazine HEADREST. In 2016 he released experimental digital archive game house.xct_ with Other Families, and it can be read about on

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