Netflix Profiles Hip-Hop’s Biggest Stars in New Docuseries ‘Rapture’

Take a quick glance at the Billboard charts and you’ll begin notice how dominant hip-hop has truly become. Once relegated to mixtapes and independent radio stations, the genre has steadily transformed into the world’s most consumed, and arguably influential, form of music. In fact, a recent Nielsen report confirms that hip-hop has passed rock as the world’s most popular type of music—eight of the top ten artists last year came from the genre, with rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar leading the charge respectively. All things considered, it makes a heck of a lot of sense to see that Netflix has a new docuseries dedicated to profiling and exploring the story of some of hip-hop’s biggest stars.

Entitled, Rapture, the timely new show will follow a myriad of talented emcees including Nas, T.I., and 2 Chainz, as well as buzzing artists like G-Eazy, Logic, and A Boogie. In a statement today to Entertainment Weekly, director-producer, Sacha Jenkins promised a totally unique and refreshing look behind the curtain at the lives of hip-hop’s best and brightest. “Way back, when hip-hop culture was in its gestational phase, the powerful message therein didn’t go much further than the five boroughs of New York City,” says Jenkins. “Today, rap music is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and Netflix is the embodiment of the eyes from which she sees.”

You can check out the short trailer below via YouTube. Rapture will hit the streaming service on March 30.

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan is a writer from Toronto. His favourite things in the world are music, movies, and mini dachshunds. Give him a follow on Twitter at @aidandaoust, where he’ll also accept your mixtape submissions.

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