We Tried It: Acculock Ace Putter

Above: Acculock Ace Putter
Above: Acculock Ace Putter

Product: Acculock Ace Putter
Who tried them: Mike Dojc, golf junkie, and AmongMen contributor
Retail price: $280
Available: BioMech Sports

With anchored putters losing their legal status, many players are searching for a similar locked in feeling but one that conforms to the new rules of the game. BioMech’s Acculock Ace with shaft lengths ranging from 39-47 inches manages the feat by tinkering with the science of the short game. This biometric centric new fangled putter leans forward at a12.5 degree angle toward the hole. The grip rests against your lead forearm and golfer must stand closer to the putter than you would on a traditional flatstick encouraging a more upright up-and-down pendulum-like stroke movement.

One of the biggest putting aggravations is when a small last second micro-flinch betrays an otherwise steady stroke causing a golfer’s ball to veer off its intended path toward the center of the cup. In order to vanquish impact hiccups the Acculock’s design alters your setup so that you engage the larger muscles of your core rather than your stabilized hands and wrists. While it took me a good hour on the putting green to get it down, the end result is a consistently solid controlled stroke along your desired target line that kicks the putting yips to the curb.

Mike Dojc

Mike Dojc

A card-carrying member of the leisure cognoscenti when Mike Dojc isn’t repairing impossibly large divots or alphabetizing his impressive ball marker collection, he’s slinging copy for a diverse range of editorial and corporate entities. Highlights of his client roster include Nike, Geico, Maxim, Metro News, CAA, AAA, Men’s Fashion, Huffington Post, Golf Canada, Fairways Magazine, Back 9 Network, and many others. He blogs at SlingingBirdies.com

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