10 Must-Have Spring Accessories

Spring is finally, begrudgingly, upon us. As dudes doff layers, it’s important to remember that many outfits are the sum of a whole. Keep fresh this spring with these sharp accessories.

J Crew Watchstrap 

The oversized watch is a thing of the early 2000s. Showy watches that showcase wealth (or wide wrists) have been eschewed in favour of slim and skinny watches. None have taken off in popularity more than time-tested (pun not intended) brand Timex. The legendary company has paired with J Crew to create simple watches for the modern guy who would still rather tell time on his wrist rather than his cell phone. With simple to change wristbands, these watches offer a plethora of options at an affordable price.

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Fraser Abe

Fraser Abe is a Toronto based lifestyle writer. His work has appeared in Toronto Life, the Globe and Mail, Sharp Magazine, the Grid and more.

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