5 Memorable Men And Their Facial Hair

5 Memorable Men And Their Facial Hair
5 Memorable Men And Their Facial Hair

Pogonotrophy (fancy terminology for the growing of facial hair) is a somewhat peculiar event in a guy’s life. It symbolizes virility, masculinity and can contribute a major sense of macho pride.

Here’s a short list of memorable facial hair and the memorable men who sported it. Some of these styles are forever linked to periods of time, some to gifted entertainers and one style, a reminder of a man’s accomplishments.

Tom Selleck during his Magnum P.I. daysTom Selleck during his Magnum P.I. days

Tom Selleck

If you were a child of the late 70’s or early 80’s, you will totally remember the iconic Tom Selleck ‘stache! Your best friend’s dad or your neighbour had a Magnum P.I.-inspired ‘stache and, as a boy, you may have wondered if you’d ever be manly enough to grow one of your own. Until you did grow up and that particular look was completely… uncool. 

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