6 Essential Items For The Sartorial-Minded Bike Commuter

For the urban-dwelling man, bike commuting isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. It allows us to dodge both rage-inducing gridlock and public transit—and our quads have thanked us for the workout, too. But unless you want to get decked out in a lycra bodysuit, conventional wisdom dictates that it’s hard to look good on your ten-speed. Right? Wrong. We’ve assembled six commuter-friendly items that’ll keep you looking—and smelling—fresh.

The Rapha Brevet


London-based Rapha isn’t yet a decade old, but in that time, they’ve become the undisputable champion of fashion-forward cyclists. For good reason: Their no-nonsense jerseys, chill-defying base layers, and svelte windbreakers feel like they could’ve been designed by Fred Perry. It’s hard to pick a favourite from their mod-inspired catalogue, but if our hand is forced, we’re electing for the minimalist Brevet jersey, which camouflages its functional pieces—there’s countless pockets for water bottles, keys, and energy bars—without sacrificing them. At nearly $200 a pop, the Brevet’s a steal.

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Mark Teo

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