Adidas to Release Funky New Camouflage NMD R1

Above: The NMD R1 with a camo pattern and pink stripe
Above: The NMD R1 with a camo pattern and pink stripe

Adidas is continuing to update its stylish NMD R1 silhouette with bold new touches. The athletic brand is preparing to launch a camouflage colourway with funky pink tinges next month, and we’re finally getting a closer look at the upcoming edition. Officially dubbed the Green Night & Shock Pink, the new Primeknit NMD blends urban chic with military-inspired threads to present something entirely fresh and unique. Along with the obvious camo direction, the sneaker also boasts olive and brown splashes along its low sock-like upper.

The new NMD of course has the classic bumper add-ons, which are this time tan and dark green. Another cool feature is that the aforementioned pink stripe contains a special etching of Japanese letters. And because the shoe is a modern Adidas offering, its all fastened atop Boost soles that provide ample amounts of comfort. If you’re unfamiliar with Boost technology, the function is a product of Adidas and leading chemical company BASF. The two brands developed a granular material that is burst into small capsules, which in turn becomes comfy Boost foam.

Fans will have to wait until October 14 in order to cop the shoe, and as of now, it looks like the kicks will be sold at select retailers and online marketplaces. The NMD R1 Camo & Pink will set you back roughly $210 Canadian. You can get a better look at the pieces below via our slideshow.


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