Big Sean Debuts SUPER PUMA Pack

Above: The SUPER pack is now available online and at select retailers
Above: The SUPER pack is now available online and at select retailers

Puma has utilized its roster of influencers incredibly well this year. Along with pop superstars like The Weeknd and Rihanna, the German athletic company doubled down this past March and signed Detroit rapper Big Sean to its growing list of brand ambassadors. These high-profile collaborations have already paid dividends for Puma, making way for a hefty market increase this past quarter. Name recognition aside, however, the company has also walked the walk by producing quality pieces bolstered by sleek designs that innovate rather than ride the wave. Rihanna’s Fenty line has proven to be a trendsetter in women’s wear lately, and now Puma is hoping its men’s line can share the same level of success.

SUPER PUMA is the latest pack to arrive from the brand, and it stays true to that forward-thinking attitude all while honouring hip-hop heritage and classic streetwear. The company tapped new recruit Big Sean to showcase pieces from the capsule, which emphasize monochromatic vibes and bold accents. The whole thing looks inspired by legendary NYC icons like Grandmaster Flash, and takes cues from Netflix original The Get Down. The SUPER pack is available for purchase on Puma’s official webstore, and retails between $30 to $150. Check out some of select images from the lookbook below.

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