Cherish The History Of The Toque

Above: 4 winter toques you'll love
Above: 4 winter toques you'll love

Toques: timeless garments that illustrate a Canadian heritage of playfulness and comfort. All men should be rightfully equipped with this great piece—especially if it’s a sunny afternoon while the air is brisk and the ground kissed with snow… can you see it now? If you’re looking for that extra level of finesse to an outfit, without the effort, this is your item. Plus, today there are so many toques to choose from, everyone can find one that aligns with their own personal style.

Toques - Polo pompom

Polo Pompom
Above: Polo Ralph Lauren Instarsia-Knit Ski Cap – $98.00

Generally, wearing text (particularly brand names) is a slippery slope; people really don’t like to be explicitly told things. However, there’s something about this Polo Ralph Lauren toque that does, what is so hard to do, eloquently—impressive work, Lauren. It speaks to the winter season, reminding onlookers of snowy Saturdays and crackling fireplaces. If you cannot wear it now, when can you?

Toques - Bowler, Be Real

Bowler, Be Real
Above: Club Monaco Kensington Cashmere Hat – $79.50

Small and succinct summarizes this beaut. In evergreen, this hat grants an air of slick confidence. Because of its casual nature, it is recommended you dedicate sporting it to dingy bars or early coffees—and hey, we all need toques for that. Still, you won’t look too meek. Made with Italian cashmere, this hat elevates your presence beyond the other toque-wearing guys—even if you’re the only one who knows.

Toques - Common Cap

Common Cap
Above: Banana Republic Rib-Knit Cap – $50.00

Banana Republic developed this classic, beanie-like cap. Its clean lines and humble knit fabric imply an on-the-go man. When running out the door to catch the streetcar (or other modes of public transportation), this is the toque you grab. This is because the casual hat pairs well with almost any outfit, even formal wear—exciting stuff.

Toques - Ear Haven

Ear Haven
Above: PBI Beanie Canada Goose – $65.00

If you’re spending some extra time outside, you may want to invest in a toque with earflaps. Contrary to what might be expected, the small addition of material provides a great deal of comfort. How can you dispute a hat that keeps you warm and polished? Honestly, it’s not that easy to find, especially in a world where horrid toques run rampant.


Julie Rubinger

Julie Rubinger is a Toronto-based fashion writer. With a Masters in Communication and Design from Ryerson’s School of Fashion, Julie writes for publications like Canadian Living and The Genteel. Amongst her writing, Julie also continues to work as a wardrobe stylist for la closette. For further information about Julie and her fashion theory-obsessed life, go to or follow her on Twitter at: @julesrubinger

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