The Converse Fastbreak is Finally Returning to Stores

Above: Converse is resurrecting its classic ball shoe
Above: Converse is resurrecting its classic ball shoe

After a lengthy hiatus from retail shelves, the iconic Converse Fastbreak is finally making a grand return this summer. The basketball shoe was once famously worn by Michael Jordan before his high-profile partnership with Nike, and was lauded for its comfort and durability upon release.

Of course, it’s truly impossible to go wrong with the universally rocked Chuck Taylors, but if you can’t stray away from your sneaker allegiances, the Fastbreak is perfect for some added variety. This is especially true for the avid basketball player, who will no doubt appreciate the Fastbreak silhouette for its great ankle support.

Now more than 34 years later, the Fastbreak will restock in three nostalgic colourways. It’s a glorious comeback for the clean-looking sneaker, and with a lightweight frame and affordable price tag, it’s safe to assume that the shoe will be gracing plenty of pavement this year.

To help celebrate the release of the Fastbreak, Converse teamed up with the rising YouTube collective, PAQ, to showcase the dope new kicks. What transpired was a very on-brand lookbook that featured 80s-inspired props including vintage cars, velvet jumpers, and of course, the Fastbreak in all three paints.

The Converse Fastbreak is now available at select retailers, and comes in purple, green, and red colourways. The shoes are built with leather, nylon, and Lunarlon foam for extra comfort. You can check out the PAQ episode below, and stay with us after the jump to get a closer look at the shoes themselves.


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Aidan D'Aoust

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