Embrace The Trend: Dad Hats

The baseball cap. A trend as old as time. Well actually, a trend that has picked up a considerable rate, during the last half-century. Before we delve further into its current state, we’d be remiss not to mention its predecessor. So shouts out to the bowler, the fedora, and the top hat. Alas, we must move onto the more sleek and modern looks.

Throughout the years, the baseball cap has gone through its own awkward stages. With multiple and unique variations, we have seen the knit, the brim, and of course, the logos of ball caps, all be subject to transformation. The last decade or so, we’ve seen the flat brim, the trucker, and the New Era hat, all have their own moment in the spotlight. The last few seasons, however, we have been embracing another trend.

Once exiled to the middle-aged, John Deere rider, the so-called “dad hat” has been embraced by street style aficionados around the world. If you’ve been reluctant to join the trend, we have compiled a few great starter pieces to invest in. If you’re feeling funky, it may be time to rock a dad hat. Your father would be proud.


Going with a Nike or Adidas hat, is always a safe bet. Make sure you go with something simple and sleek. Don’t be too loud with your branded cap. Monochromatic Nike hats always look fresh.

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Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan is a writer from Toronto. His favourite things in the world are music, movies, and mini dachshunds. Give him a follow on Twitter at @aidandaoust, where he’ll also accept your mixtape submissions.

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