Here’s Your First Look at A$AP Rocky’s Under Armour Sneaker

After almost a year of teasing, it looks like A$AP Rocky is finally close to unveiling his signature Under Armour sneaker. The unlikely partnership, which was initially confirmed last summer, is now gearing up for its footwear debut and fans are getting a little sneak peek.

Nothing has been announced as of yet, but leaked photos are hinting at a very timely silhouette. According to an admittedly grainy capture, Rocky’s sample piece is reminiscent of chunky skateboard shoes from the mid 2000s. In fact, social media comments have pointed to the Osiris’ D3 variant as potential inspiration — which would make sense given that Flacko has been known to wear them on occasion.

Another interesting thing to note from these hypebeast paparazzi shots, is that Under Armour will be branding these kicks under AWGE. That particular branding is, of course, the name of Rocky’s creative agency which has produced a handful of short films and a number of clothing capsules this past year.

The shoe itself, which is currently nameless, is outfitted with a thick and boxy tongue, a durable leather midsole, and an additional cage exterior. Unfortunately for A$AP Mob aficionados, a release date for the piece is currently unknown. In the meantime, check out the lone screeshots below courtesy of British director, Dexter Navy.

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Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan D'Aoust

Aidan is a writer from Toronto. His favourite things in the world are music, movies, and mini dachshunds. Give him a follow on Twitter at @aidandaoust, where he’ll also accept your mixtape submissions.

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