Nike to Release Four New Air Max 97 Colourways

Above: "Light Pumice" is just one of four new Air Max 97 skins
Above: "Light Pumice" is just one of four new Air Max 97 skins

The season’s hottest sneaker is about to continue its winning streak thanks to four new colourways. If you fancy yourself a sneakerhead, you may recall that Nike unveiled a special restock of the Air Max 97 earlier this year. Since then, the shoe has proven to be a dominate force this season with celebs, streetwear aficionados, and social media influencers all buying into the hype.

Now the incredibly popular silhouette is adding a few additional skins to its growing arsenal, and judging from early leaks, it looks like we’ll all be blessed with some super fresh designs. The latest batch of Air Max 97s embrace cool earthy tones and will arrive in variations of cream, grey, pink, and light pumice. Not only are the kicks stylish, but the Air Max technology offers ample amounts of comfort and breathability, making the kicks a perfect pick for hot summer days.

Since debuting as a top seller at the turn of the century, the Air Max 97 has become one of Nike’s most cherished releases. Powered by decades-old Air Cushioning Technology and bolstered by a dope frame courtesy of Nike creative, Christian Tresser, the Air Max 97 blends wearability with fashion-forward design. Perhaps the shoe’s most prominent and defining feature is the “hidden lacing” embedded right into the model, which gives way to a sleek and clean appearance.

If you’re thinking of adding a pair to your wardrobe, you won’t have to wait long to cop any of the four new editions. The pastel-infused series will launch on Thursday, and you’ll be able to find them in select retail locations and boutique spots. For a closer look at the creps, take a look at the slideshow below. In other Nike brand news, check out the Off-White x Air Jordan collaboration joints set to launch very soon.


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