Shareable Products For Weekend Getaways

Shareable Products For Weekend Getaways

Whether you’re beach-bound, heading to Tofino or to the cabin for the weekend, there’s no need to double up on your bathroom basics. Keeping it light and simple is part of summer’s MO, and that includes everything from your shampoo and deodorant to your cologne and moisturizer.

Here are three steps and seven products to share with your better half.

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Pack with a purpose
Packing products you can multi-purpose are ideal. They’re double the benefit and will save on space and weight in your bag. Choose a moisturizer containing an SPF 30, like Elizabeth Arden Anti-aging Moisture Lotion SPF 30 ($160, available at Hudson’s Bay) and you can leave the extra bottle of sunscreen at home. A lightweight package of Dermalogica Precleanse Wipes ($27 for a package of 20 wipes, available at, makes cleansing your face easy and moonlights as a makeup remover for her.

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