Spring Clean

Splish splash you’ve been taking a bath or a shower or an over-the-kitchen-sink-rinse-and-go session—all in the name of good hygiene, right? So let’s kick things up a notch. It’s springtime, after all and there are plenty of refreshing ways to wash off the winter cobwebs and, cough, clean up your act.

Shower Gels

Otherwise known as liquid soap, shower gels are typically water based and ideal for dry, sensitive and/or allergy/eczema-prone skin as they include good-for-you moisturizing ingredients like botanical extracts, seed oils, Aloe Vera and vitamins, such as C and E. Plus, because they’re encased in a bottle they’re less likely to be exposed to bacteria.

Try: Dove, Men + Care Oil Control Body Wash is available in 400 ml for $4.97 and Nivea, Energy For Men Shower Gel is available in 500 ml for $5.49, both at Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

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