This Season’s Best Monk-Strap Shoes

When it comes to footwear, no shoe is more of the moment than the monk-strap. Check out designer collections from Milan and Paris, or, more tellingly, the street style photos from those shows. Worn with slim suit pants or a pair of rolled jeans, the monk-strap is a shoe you’ll want to invest in.

Styles can vary but typically, a monk-strap is a simple shoe with one or two straps (hence the name), somewhere between an oxford and a loafer in the dressiness department. Plus side, no more laces to bother with!

Here, a few pairs to get you started.

Air Madison Monk



Since Cole Haan was bought by Nike, the company has implemented their patented Nike Air technology. Invisible to the naked eye, the cushioning in the sole makes for a more comfortable shoe, but keeps the traditional Cole Haan aesthetic.

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Fraser Abe

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