Apple’s Latest Ad Campaign is Brilliantly Trolling Competition

Above: Apple wants users to switch over to an iPhone
Above: Apple wants users to switch over to an iPhone

When they’re not dominating the tech market and edging closer to becoming the most powerful company in the world, Apple has consistently churned out some of the best ad campaigns in the business. The brand has been at it for decades now, continuously pushing the envelope with big budget productions and unforgettable clips. Sometimes they deliver tongue-in-cheek shots at rival outfits, and sometimes they introduced us to fresh new music. No matter the intent, the recurring theme of these short pieces is marketing excellence.

Way back in the 1980s, the folks at Apple whipped up a cutting-edge Super Bowl commercial that parodied the classic George Orwell book, 1984. It was a hardly subtle punk rock statement that forced customers to associate the brand with revolutionary ideals. Ever since that fateful day, the company’s marketing team has worked hard to one-up themselves and draw more loyal fans to the Apple bandwagon. This modus operandi has resulted in a masterclass for commercial advertising, and it demands appreciation even for those normally blasé about the entire art form.

Much like their iconic “Get a Mac” campaign that pit Mac users against PC users, Apple is returning to the comedic well for their latest string of releases. This time around, the brand is out to convince phone owners that a iOS is the way to go. With their new “Switch” commercials, Apple playfully pokes fun at Androidheads by mocking things like lag, security, and contact lists. And because it’s an Apple commercial, everything is clean as ever with a monochromatic backdrop and minimalist aesthetic. You can take a look at them all below via YouTube.

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