10 Of The Hottest Cars Being Released In 2013

So what’ll it be? A coupe? A sedan? A V8? Perhaps a turbo four-banger? The following 10 cars aren’t exactly for the faint-hearted, but mere instruments that will extend the grin on your face and a hell of a dent in your bank account.

Chevrolet SS

The Chevy SS is regarded as the spiritual successor to the fabled Impala SS, notably the popular ’94 – ’96 generation, of which many Chevy fans see as the last “true SS”. For power, it gains the 6.2-litre V8 from the Corvette, which is to be bolted to a 6-speed paddle-shift automatic – though that might change closer to the end of this year. Ironically, the SS is not at all related to the upcoming 2014 Impala, as it shares the same Australian RWD underpinnings as Holden’s Commodore model lineup, just as the infamous Pontiac G8 once did as well.

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Octavian Lacatusu

Mad about cars before he could even walk, Octavian Lacatusu has worked as a writer and photojournalist at several media outlets, ever more in pursuit of telling the perfect car story. As an avid fan of history in general, Octavian enjoys classic old stuff, particularly if it’s got an engine. When not doing anything ‘journalistical’, he spends his down time building crazy stuff out of LEGO or takes on the ever-popular art of video gaming. 

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