Top 10 Movie Cars

As is our nature as human beings, we’ve always dreamed of having superpowers – hence, our obsession with the fabled realm of superheroes. But what about superhero cars? After all, it was only a matter of time until we applied the same dichotomy of good and evil to our loyal four-wheeled machines.

In the following list, you’ll find cars that stunned audiences on the cinema screen (and makes you wish you had one of these instead of your boring daily driver)

Some can fly – others are indestructible – and some are completely out of this universe. They are… the Top 10 Movie Cars.

1. 2019 LAPD ‘Spinner’

Appeared in: Blade Runner (1982)

Though the Spinner has faded from recent memory, it’s remained as a staple of concept cars – ones that fly, in particular. Seen at the start of Blade Runner as a futuristic police vehicle, a Spinner is much like VTOL (vertical-takeoff and landing) aircraft, albeit powered by advanced jet engines and lacking any wings. Shown onto Vangelis’ spectacular musical background, the Spinner’s moments of takeoff and flight are one of the most memorable in the film, serving as inspiration to what a real flying car should be like. Some Spinner film props were also surprisingly functional and not just made of painted cardboard – featuring working engines, steering, and automatic scissor-like glass cockpit doors. It’s no wonder the Spinner’s curvy, split-wheel looks made it a sci-fi sweetheart – it also made cameo appearances in the background of several other films: Back to the Future II, Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, and Soldier.

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