Which Music Streaming Service Is Best For You?

Apple Music? Tidal? Spotify? Find out which service is your best bet
Apple Music? Tidal? Spotify? Find out which service is your best bet

This year, music streaming has transformed itself from an alternative outlet, to a dominant force. The last twelve months have seen an increase in the number of paid subscribers, which is no doubt due to the push of three big providers: Tidal, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Earlier this week, Apple Music head, Jimmy Iovine, clarified in an interview that his company has no current plans to acquire Tidal. This tidbit stems from rumours of a merger between the two companies, which surfaced this past summer. Meanwhile, main competitor, Spotify, came through with their own major news. The streaming giant just declared their numbers at an all-time high. The company now boasts 40 Million paying subscribers, higher than both Apple and Tidal combined.

The emergence of these three streaming services, has sparked a public war. Each service is jockeying for paid subscribers, and is dragging along some of music’s biggest names, hoping to swoon potential users.

If you have yet to join the world of music streaming, then it’s time to commit. Of course, committing to anything can be a bit tricky. That’s why we’re here to help. If you’re thinking of paying for your music, let us find the service that suits you best.

Apple Music

While it may seem like a given – if you’re an owner of an iPhone, iPad, or Macbook, Apple Music is truly the perfect fit. The service is incredibly streamlined for your product. It runs smoothly and seamlessly across all of your Apple devices. If you own an Apple TV, you can throw your music library onto the big screen without any hassle. For Android users, the service is available on the Google Play store, but you won’t be able to capitalize on the provider’s full features. If you’re a fan of Drake, Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, Future, and Pharrell Williams, you’ll also be able to listen to their new music first. Apple’s partnership with Beats 1 Radio, also gives the service the best curated content among the three services on our list. Its current fee is $9.99 every month.

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