Dutifully Dissecting Dexter: “Are We There Yet?” Review

Dexter: "Are We There Yet?" (Photo: Showtime)
Dexter: "Are We There Yet?" (Photo: Showtime)

Warning: If you read this, you’re going to know what happened last night on the eighth episode of the final season of Dexter. If you don’t want to know what happened, you should probably check out one of our other stories instead.

Did an enraged Zach Hamilton really off Dexter’s neighbor to send his potential mentor a message?

Did Dexter contribute to Cassie’s death by being wrapped up in Hannah McKay’s web once again?

Those are the questions we started off with at the outset of yesterday’s episode, and while we received the answers by the time “Are We There Yet?” was over, a whole new set of puzzles were presented to us as well.

Dexter and Hannah Go Hunting in The Keys

Convinced that Zach is responsible for Cassie’s death, Dexter lets Dr. Vogel know that he’s going to find the young killer she thought could be shaped and controlled by “The Code,” but he’s not going alone – Hannah’s riding shotgun.

The once-and-current lovers depart for The Keys, where Zach has made the rookie mistake of checking into a hotel using his credit card. When they arrive at the motel Zach is staying it, they find his room decked out in plastic just as Dexter has always done. Zach comes through the door, Dexter confronts him – knife in hand – and Zach explains that he’s been tracking a kid he knew from high school who confessed to killing a girl.

It’s an entertaining exchange, as Zach first tries to place Hannah, and then asks, “Is she cool?” Sure that Zach wasn’t the one that killed Cassie, “serial killer class” is back in session, as Dexter and Hannah help Zach dispatch of the dead body in his trunk, and talk him through the mistakes he made with his plan and set-up.

Zach is actually quite engaging and entertaining in the sequence – he’s an eager would-be-killer, and every mistake he realizes he’s made is met with an “I should have know” express or outburst.

Debra the Bounty Hunter

Out to get Hannah after being drugged by her brother’s former flame (again), Deb approaches Elway about tracking her down.

When they miss her at the marina where he now-dead husband’s yacht was docked, Debra figures out that she’s on the road with Dexter, and – using the tracking device she installed on Dexter’s SUV earlier – goes to The Keys to bring in Hannah.

With Debra and Zach off disposing of the body in Zach’s trunk, Hannah returns to the room she’s cleaning up, and is greeted by Debra, gun drawn, handcuffs tossed onto the bed for Hannah to cuff herself.

The two have a conversation about Hannah’s past and present, with steely Deb wanting no part of her story until she mentions how much she cares for Dexter, and that the feeling is mutual. Just as Deb curses her adoptive brother’s name, Dexter pops threw the door, walking in on the two most prominent women in his life, joking that “You’re both still breathing, so that’s good.”

Seconds later, in comes Zach, prompting a back-and-forth “Who the [beep] is that?” between he and Debra.

Exasperated, Deb gives up, leaving Hannah to Dexter, advising that she’s his problem. As the killing trio set to depart The Keys, Zach gives Dexter a “Dude!” for having two good looking women battling for his attention.

Back in Miami, Deb tells Elway that Hannah must be in the wind, much to his dismay. He doesn’t understand how the previously ferocious Debra can suddenly turn off her attack mode, and the two get into a “Why do you work here?” conversation, with Debra pondering a return to the police force, much to Elway’s chagrin.

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