Michael Keaton’s ‘Spotlight’ Gets First Trailer

Above: The star-studded cast of 'Spotlight'

This November, Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Mark Ruffalo, and Liev Schreiber, will star in Spotlight. The hotly anticipated drama will detail the Boston Globe’s uncovering of a now famous sex scandal, which surrounded the Massachusetts Catholic Church in the early 2000s.

The adaptation of this true story is directed by relative newcomer, Thomas McCarthy, and will make its rounds on the festival circuit, including a stop at TIFF. With a gripping plotline, and incredibly competent cast, Spotlight will likely be in the Oscar mix.

Today, we were finally given an early look at the movie, which hits theatres on November 6th. The few minutes of teaser footage has only ramped up our excitement and will likely generate more buzz later this year. Check it out below.

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