That Awkward Moment: The Brom-Com

That Awkward Moment starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron
That Awkward Moment starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Zac Efron

Written and directed by first-timer, Tom Gormican, That Awkward Moment is named for what Jason (Zac Efron) calls the “so moment”. The point in a relationship where someone inevitably asks “so, where is this going?” It is the point where you either get serious, or move on.

When one third of his bromance, Mikey (Michael B. Jordan), is dumped by his wife, Jason offers to stay single with him, in solidarity. Add Daniel (Miles Teller) to the mix, and you have three single guys actively not looking for a relationship. The only problem is, sometimes a relationship finds you.

Jason just happens to meet Ellie (Imogen Poots) right around the same time as making this pact to stay single, and despite his insistence that he is only trying to make her part of his “roster,” it becomes obvious that they are headed towards relationship status. His friends can see it, but he is in denial. The funny thing is, they are just giving him a hard time because that’s what guys do. They wouldn’t actually care if he wanted to be in a relationship.

Meanwhile, Daniel has been dating his former wing woman, and Mikey has been secretly sleeping with his ex-wife, hoping for reconciliation. So they have all made a promise that none of them really has any interest in keeping, but they keep up the charade that they are all single and loving it, anyway. Because 20-something guys are supposed to want to remain unattached, right?

After Jason inevitably screws up his developing relationship with Ellie, she tells him “being there for someone when they need you – that’s all relationships are.” Of course, Jason has this concept down when it comes to his friends, but has trouble doing the same with a girl, something a lot of guys will relate to. The struggle between staying single and having the freedom to go out with your friends, and pursuing a relationship, is a necessary evil for a lot of guys in their 20s. A relationship signals adulthood, and the end of binge drinking and random hookups. So, the film asks, is it true that even the biggest player will settle down when the right girl comes along?

Somewhat typical in formula, That Awkward Moment at least shows the guy’s perspective of a new relationship instead of another romantic comedy about a girl waiting by the phone. Guys may seem tough and unemotional at times, but they are engaging in social media stalking just as often as girls are. They might even grab a pint of ice cream for comfort after a breakup.

That Awkward Moment is part bromance part rom-com. A brom-com, if you will. There are some funny one-liners, and Miles Teller plays his typical fast-talking joker, but the film is more about the balance of relationships, than being laugh out loud funny.

Just be warned, if you take your date to see this, she might go home hoping for a grand gesture to rival Zac Efron. And that’s a hard act to follow.

That Awkward Moment opens Canada-wide on January 31st.

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