Watch A Cat Play A Game Of Jenga

Above: Even if you're sick of cat videos... you have to check this one out
Above: Even if you're sick of cat videos... you have to check this one out

Just when we thought that cats were on the way out of Internet superstardom, a Jenga-playing cat named Moe is bringing back the cat-fad. In a video posted by his owner Alan Palesko, Moe can be seen successfully moving Jenga blocks from the bottom of the tower, using his nose and his paw. Even with no thumbs to precisely move blocks from the rickety tower, the cat is able to swipe and orchestrate the blocks from underneath the tower without letting it fall. This is something you must see with your own eyes to believe!

The owner then takes Moe’s blocks and puts them back at the top, going turn-for-turn with the cat, who’s patiently, and very cutely, waiting until its his next turn. Towards the end of the video Moe begins to get frustrated as there are no more accessible blocks to move, and so, he swipes at the blocks at the top of the tower as if he’s saying “I’m done with this game!”

A Jenga-playing cat may be hard to believe, but animals on the Internet are becoming stars of their own in videos captured by their owners. Moe the cat is just the latest talent to be discovered.

You can check out the video below, which has built up 1.4 million views since it was posted on May 12th. 

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