5 Easy Ways To Cut Calories

Looking for simple ways to cut calories? (Photo: Odua Images/Shutterstock)
Looking for simple ways to cut calories? (Photo: Odua Images/Shutterstock)

If you’re looking to trim down, it comes down to ramping up your exercise routine and eating a healthy diet. Thankfully, there a many ways you can consume calories you’re consuming without feeling like you’re depriving yourself.

Hydrate well with water

Often we mistake feeling thirsty for hunger, so by having some water first, you’ll likely consume less calories since the water will satisfy your thirst. Also, if you hydrate with water rather than juices or soft drinks, you’ll cut a good chunk off of your overall calories consumed. If you miss the bubbles of a soft drink, try some sparkling water with some lemon or lime

Go with a lower-fat version for some of your staples

If you hate the taste of baked chips, well, don’t buy baked chips (have the regular potato chips as a treat). But you may find that for certain foods, you won’t notice much of a taste or texture difference, or that it’s one you can easily get used to. A lower-fat sour cream for your nachos,  for example, may be easier to incorporate into your diet since the flavour is quite similar to the full-fat version, just a bit less creamy and rich.

Change your after-work routine

Rather than always hit the pub after work with your colleagues, plan to go play squash with a coworker instead. Fitting in some physical activity means you’ll still be socializing with officemates, but while working up a sweat rather than downing beer and Buffalo wings.

Experiment with different condiments

If you typically load up your sandwich you pack for lunch with mayo and cheeses, replace these fatty ingredients with more lean options. Hummus packs a lot of flavour (and the protein will help keep you feeling full longer) and is lovely used as a spread in a sandwich. Mustard, too, can add a little kick—you may find you don’t even miss your tried and true ingredients.

Adjust your coffee fix

Rather than a mocha topped with whipped cream, or an icy frappucino, an espresso topped with whipped cream will satisfy that sweet caffeine fix you want at much fewer calories. Your regular coffee, too—enjoy it with milk rather than creamer to make it a  little leaner.

Karen Kwan

Karen Kwan is a freelance writer based in Toronto. Her work has appeared in Flare, Elle Canada and ElleCanada.com, Glow, Metro, Huffington Post Canada, Travelife and Travel + Escape. She also runs her blog, HealthandSwellness.com, where she writes about health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle.

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