To Dip Or Not To Dip? Toronto Mayoral Candidates Weigh In On #PringlesDIPbate

You’d be surprised, but to many Torontonians, the mayoral candidates’ choices to dip or not dip the new brand of Pringles Tortilla Chips, is a matter of deep concern and relevance. At the recent #PringlesDIPbate Labour Day rally, when interviewed some Torontonians even expressed a determination to base their decision on who to vote for in the upcoming election, solely on the mayoral candidates’ dipping preferences.

Recently, top candidates John Tory and Olivia Chow have been asked to weigh in on the debate. Interestingly, their positions on the matter did not differ widely. Perhaps this is because neither immediately discussed their personal preferences, instead choosing to focus on the necessity of dipping. Tory argued that “you don’t need to dip to get the zip” while Chow affirmatively stated “I don’t think we need to dip this chip” as she shook her head. Pringles’ Tortilla Chips are so tasty all on their own though, that we can hardly be surprised that the mayoral candidates, usually at odds with each other on other issues, were in agreement that the chips do not require dipping.

However, when prodded about his personal preference, Tory left room to dip on occasion, stating that he might dip “just to get more zip.” His careful answer seemed to be right on target with public opinion, as Pringles’ spokesperson Matt Philips informed him that “68% of people are more likely to vote for someone who dips their chip.” Clearly according to the vast majority of voters, an appreciation of the importance of dipping is, well, important.

Pringles Canada says the advertisement does not intend or imply any endorsement. Watch John Tory weigh in here. Watch Olivia Chow weigh in here.

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