Tips From Biggest Loser Trainer Dolvett Quince On How To Stick To Your Fitness Resolutions

Above: 'Biggest Loser' trainer Dolvett Quince with Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau at Canada's first Planet Fitness location (Photo credit: Teddy Chau)
Above: 'Biggest Loser' trainer Dolvett Quince with Planet Fitness CEO Chris Rondeau at Canada's first Planet Fitness location (Photo credit: Teddy Chau)

American franchise Planet Fitness has officially opened its first international location at the Galleria Shopping Centre on Dupont Avenue West in Toronto. The popular no-frills fitness franchise is known for its ‘judgment free zone’ and its mind-boggling $10/month, no contract gym memberships.

To help celebrate the innovative health clubs foray into Canada, we sat down with beloved trainer Dolvett Quince from NBC’s hit show, Biggest Loser when he was in Toronto to preview the gym and asked him for his tips on how to stick to your New Year’s fitness resolutions.

Make a new day resolution

First tip to sticking to your health and fitness goals this year? “Don’t make it a New Year’s resolution. Make it a new day resolution,” Quince says. “Take each day as it comes and have a specific goal for that day. Every single day, make a unique goal like… Today I’m going to drink more water. Today I’m going to try a new recipe. Today I’m going to go to bed early.” Quince believes that the true key to fitness success is to have specific daily goals and reach them. “They are small goals, but if they’re attainable they become habits,” he says.

Don’t go it alone

Another important tip from Quince, is don’t try and tackle your fitness goals alone. “We’re already in our heads enough as it is, critiquing ourselves. But if you have a buddy that you can go to the gym with and make each other accountable, you have a better chance for success,” Quince says. When you partner up with a friend and push them to them gym with you when you get off work, you are setting up a system for success. Quince says when you do that you say to yourself, “I gotta show up, I’m not going to disappoint. Then you can make it competitive.”

There’s an app for that

“One of the things that 2015 has that say 2000 didn’t have is wearable devices. How is your sleeping pattern? How is your heart rate? That system of accountability and goal reaching is great, so use those tools. Take advantage of it.” Quince recommends. (Editor’s Tip: Check out 5 of our favourite fitness apps to help you lose pounds or just get in shape)

Remember to celebrate

One of Quince’s most important bits of advice is rewarding yourself. He explains, “If you lose 10lbs, reward yourself with a cool outfit. Feel good, and don’t just let it be an outfit where you go out and have pizza. Let it be a gym outfit and a regular outfit. Reward yourself to say, ‘I can finally wear this and feel good about it.'”

Get naked

Quince’s final tip to help you stick to your health and fitness resolutions? For those days when you find yourself coming up with every and any excuse not to go to the gym Quince says the quickest way to get past those mental humps is to strip down. “Take all your clothes off and eat. Eat naked.”

Planet Fitness’s first Canadian location is open now at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Toronto. The newly opened 20,000 sq. ft. ‘judgment free zone’ health club is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week with memberships starting at $10.00 a month.

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