Review: Miura PP-9003 Irons

Above: Miura's PP-9003 Irons
Above: Miura's PP-9003 Irons

Many golfers ask me what is the Lamborghini of clubmakers? What luxury brand elicits ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’, and palpable pangs of envy from the peanut gallery before even addressing a ball and striping one down the fairway? The answer is Miura.

When playing a Miura iron, there’s a unique buttery smooth feel on contact, a vibration free tactile sensation akin to the churned milk spread both literally and in the classic SNL Coffee Talk sketch catchall sense.

The coveted sticks are hand-forged in Himeji Japan, a city renowned for pounding steel into katanas, the swords favored by samurai warriors and Uma Thurman in the Kill Bill movies.

Katsuhiro Miura, the meticulous master metal shaper, has been hand-forging golf clubs for over fifty years in his factory in Himeji, Japan, a city renowned for exquisite craftsmanship.

Himeji’s forging legacy lingers thanks to Miura’s proprietary 14-step process that each of his vaunted irons must go through until the clubs are good to go and the resulting ball-striking nirvana is velvety smooth. Jose Maria Olazabal and Retief Goosen toted Miura irons in their bag during major championship victories and K.J. won a Players Championship playing Miura irons and wedges.  Since Miura doesn’t sign players to contracts to play their clubs, when they do choose them that’s a pretty sweet ringing endorsement.

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