3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Spring

Do you sneak your ladies moisturizer when she’s not watching? Don’t get the hype surrounding skin care designed for men? Think slapping body lotion on your face is “skin care”?

Here are three ways to improve your skin this season:

 Cleanse your face. A bar of soap is not an adequate cleanser for your face. A bar of soap for washing your body may work just fine but your face can’t take that kind abuse day in and day out. Your facial skin is not as thick and resilient as the skin on your body. It’s exposed to the elements more than any other part of your body all year long. Your face can pick up dirt from the air, and it gets oily from the sun and from when you touch it with your hands. Using a face wash in the evening such as Consonant Organic Foaming Face Wash is ideal to properly remove the days’ worth of build up in your skin. It rinses easily and once a day is enough to clean your skin and allow it to breath.

Exfoliate. Don’t consider those little dry patches as no big deal or think that  you can just rub them off. When you reach the seasonal change between cool and warm, it’s the ideal time to consider the effects on your skin. If you’re willing to pack up your sweaters and long johns in favour of lighter layers consider doing the same for your skin. The winter build up of dry, flaky skin needs to be removed properly to reveal healthier, smoother skin. Grab Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub and, using a quarter sized amount on wet skin, buff off impurities in a circular motion. This scrub has Vitamin E, Menthol and crushed apricot kernels to smooth away the rough bits and leave your skin feeling refreshed and, better, yet, ideal for a close, smooth shave.

Use Sun Block. Your ball cap is not an acceptable form of sun block. This one just can’t slide anymore, especially as we move into Spring, the season of unpredictably sunny days. Don’t assume those wrinkles will make you look anything like Clooney. Understand that, without wearing an SPF daily, you might end up looking like Walter Matthau instead. To make things easier, look for a light, moisturizing formula that contains your sunscreen. Ombrelle Face Cream SPF 30 is ultra light in texture, not greasy, absorbs quickly and will have your mug protected from the all-too-invisible UVA/UVB rays outside.

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