A “How To” Guide To Ironing

A how to guide to ironing
A how to guide to ironing

Is there really a right way to iron your clothes? Absolutely! If you iron a garment the wrong way, you can actually create wrinkles – even in the areas that you’ve just pressed. Read on for a few tips from our friends at Rowenta and discover the correct way to iron your favourite dress shirt or pants.

How to iron a shirt:

How To Iron A Shirt

Step 1: The Collar
Start with the underside of the collar. Iron from the centre out to avoid creasing. Flip and repeat on the other side.
Step 2: The Yoke and shoulders
Hook one shoulder over the round tip of the ironing board. Start at the yoke (where the collar meets the arm) and move to the centre of the back. Repeat with the other shoulder.
Step 3: Cuffs and sleeves
Lay one sleeve flat with the buttons or cufflink holes facing up. Iron the inside of the cuff. Flip and iron the outside of the cuff. Then, iron the sleeve, starting on the button side. Repeat with the other sleeve. Make an instant sleeve board by inserting a rolled-up towel in sleeves so they can be pressed without leaving creases.
Step 4: Body
Iron the front panels first. Flip and iron the back panel. Be careful to iron between the buttons and not over them, which can cause the buttons to break. Touch up the collar when you’re done.

How to iron a pair of pants:

How To Iron A Pair Of Pants

Step 1: Pockets
Turn the pants inside out and iron the pockets.
Step 2: Waist area
Turn the pants right-side out. Hook the waistband over the round tip of the ironing board (if the pant material is different from the pocket material, adjust the temperature setting). Rotate pants around the board as you iron. Iron gently over the pocket areas to avoid creases.
Step 3; Legs
Place one leg atop the other. Align inseams. Fold back the top leg. Iron the inside leg from bottom to crotch. Close. Flip and iron the outside of the leg. Fold back and repeat steps with the other leg. For pants without creases, iron near the leg’s edges, but not over them.
Step 4: Crease
To create a crease along the front of the pant leg, hold the iron a few inches from the leg and direct a burst of steam toward its edge. Then iron, using a spray of cool mist if necessary.

Wondering how to avoid wrinkles after you’ve finished ironing? Many people make the mistake of wearing a garment immediately after ironing it. This can cause new wrinkles to form. To protect against those wrinkles, let the garment hang for about five minutes after it has been ironed. This enables the press to set. As a result, a sharp, pressed look lasts longer.

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