About Face: R&R Luxury African Black Soap

Low-maintenance men, this one’s for you.

It’s time to call a spade a spade, a man’s-man a man, a back-to-basics guy a dude. You’re no fuss, no muss and no nonsense and your daily grooming routine reflects it. A minimalist at heart (with the exception of sporting equipment, whiskey bottles and big wheel trucks), all you need to come out looking and feeling fresh and clean is a bar of soap to wash away the dirt and grime from head to toe.

So while we respect your choice, and we do, we’d also like you to put down your current bar and lather up with R&R African Black Soap Bar instead.

For starters, depending on what kind of soap you’ve been formerly washing with you may be over-cleansing and stripping your face of the natural oils it needs. Because bar soap is specifically created to eliminate sweat, grime, pollution, bacteria, dirt and oil from your skin it contains a chemical agent called surfactants to exfoliate and remove all of the unwanted crap from your face. But sometimes, these soaps are better-suited for your body and too harsh for your face. If you’re experiencing redness, irritation, acne, dryness, tight or itchy skin, this could be you. It doesn’t mean you have to begrudgingly embrace a new way to lather, rinse repeat, I mean come on, we know old dogs can’t learn new tricks. All you need to do a new type of bar soap.

R&R’s African Black Soap Bar will still get you squeaky clean, but in a gentler way than you’re used to. Brown-hued, heavy and chunky, this bar soap not only looks ruggedly masculine it feels solid in your hand. It contains 100 per cent natural ingredients, including African Shea butter and coconut oil to soothe and hydrate and cleanse your skin. Plus, it’s infusion of anti-bacterial essential oils work hard to prevent and heal razor burn and acne break outs, while easing redness, irritation and yes, fine lines into oblivion. And even if you use your bar every single day, if you put it in a soap dish in your shower stall and not on the floor of the shower, it’ll still last you at least 60 days.

R&R Luxury, African Black Soap, $10, available online at www.beautella.ca.

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