AmongMen’s Holiday 2013 Gift Guide: Gifts That Give Back

“Troubadour” Over Ear Headphones from LSTN
“Troubadour” Over Ear Headphones from LSTN

Giving and receiving. That distinct? Here’s ten gifts you can give this holiday season that pay off in dividends. Gifts that keep on giving, gifts that give back in different ways. They’re such great gifts, you’ll forget they’re the ethical choice.

Troubadour” Over Ear Headphones from LSTN

LSTN Headphones make quality, over ear headphones out of wood repurposed from furniture and flooring manufacture scraps. The wood is ebony, cherry and beech, and on top of being recycled, it contributes to the warm acoustics that make LSTN headphones a studio-grade listening device. On top of this, LSTN’s Troubadour line of headphones, $150 per pair, help provide hearing to a person in need with each sale, through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

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