Cameron Dallas: From Vine Star To Calvin Klein Model

Above: Calvin Klein Jeans taps Vine sensation Cameron Dallas for new ad campaign (Photo: Jack Pierson)
Above: Calvin Klein Jeans taps Vine sensation Cameron Dallas for new ad campaign (Photo: Jack Pierson)

Cameron Dallas is the poster child for social media fame. With 11.8 million followers on Instagram and over 2 billion loops on Vine (that beloved teen app where users can share 6 second video clips), this 21-year-old Californian native has reached a level of stardom that is typically reserved for movie stars or the (sigh) Kardashians.

However, Dallas earned his fame in a pretty unconventional way. In 2012 he started building a following on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by posting funny videos and sketches with his friends. When he finally joined Vine, the app that also launched Canadian singer Shawn Mendes’ musical career, in 2014 his fame took off, and he now boasts two movie deals, a pop single, and a host of adoring young female fans. He is the 8th most followed account on Vine and has over 4.5 million subscribers on YouTube.

More recently, Dallas caught the attention of fashion designer Calvin Klein. After attending their Milan Fashion week show in January, Dallas was asked to model for their spring campaign. “It’s a dream come true to actually be in one of their campaigns,” Dallas said in a press release. Although calling the campaign a dream come true may seem like a figure of speech, in 2011 Dallas actually tweeted the company once upon a time, saying he wanted to model for them.

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Five years later, Dallas and Stella Lucia, an Australian model who also has her own Instagram following, are modelling a capsule collection of casual crew necks, sweats and cropped shirts all marked with the brand’s signature CK logo.

Dallas and Lucia are the latest examples of the mega brand courting social media stars. As the newest face of Calvin Klein, Dallas is joined by both Kendal Jenner and Justin Bieber— celebrities known for keeping up their social media profiles. Calvin Klein is among many brands who have recognized that these young social media stars have a huge amount of influence in marketing. Like any other fashion or food blogger, Dallas has built a business over Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Vine, however instead of recipes or clothes, he’s becoming his own brand.

Moral of the story: If you tweet it, the brands will eventually come.

Check out Cameron Dallas’ Calvin Klein Jeans ad campaign in the gallery below:

Cameron Dallas for Calvin Klein Jeans (Photo: Jack Pierson)
Cameron Dallas for Calvin Klein Jeans
(Photo: Jack Pierson)
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