Fragrance Of The Month: Michel Germain Sexual Paris Pour Homme EDT

Above: Michel Germain's Sexual Paris Pour Homme
Above: Michel Germain's Sexual Paris Pour Homme

A Canadian Fragrance Award lifetime achievement winner, Michel Germain knows a thing or two about sex when it comes to perfume. After all, his first eau in 1994 was inspired by his love for his wife Norma, who wanted to feel sexy. Naturally, Germain named this scent Sexual and since then, and for the past 25 years, many more incarnations have fallen under this branded line-up, including Sexual Paris Pour Homme EDT.

A romantic eau, especially considering there is one for her, as well, Sexual Paris Pour Homme is a warm, spicy and sensual cologne.

On first spritz the eau is sparkling, tart and with a spicy twist courtesy of grapefruit, star anise and cardamom. Juicy mandarin, bubbly champagne and smoky sage and another hit of cardamom take over before easing into a woodsy, aromatic finish replete with cedar, fir, resin and patchouli. All combined the impact is vibrant and masculine, intoxicating and seductive and is captured in the house’s signature oval-shaped glass flacon with a round glass topper.

And while its luminescent appeal conjures images of the city of lights, its deeply virile roots make this an eau de toilette best suited for the romance-driven alpha male.

Michel Germain, Sexual Paris Pour Homme is available for $79 for 75 ml and for $100 for 125 ml exclusively at Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada.

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