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Above: Gucci's ad campaign for its men's spring/summer 2014 collection (Photo: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott)
Above: Gucci's ad campaign for its men's spring/summer 2014 collection (Photo: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott)

Let’s start with disclaiming that flowers are not effeminate. When designed correctly—taking into consideration a man’s fit, colour preference, etc.—they can be strikingly masculine. This season, floral is planted deeply into modern menswear and it’s anything but ladylike.

Interestingly, the floral trend isn’t strictly dedicated to one garment location; rather it’s been spotted throughout a wide variety of clothing pieces. Sprouting on shorts, tees, button-downs and even formal jackets. Flowers gone wild one could say. Corresponding to the vast array of locations, the visual manifestation of this trend has come in so many different forms. Some designers have been allocating one larger flower as the focus of the garment, while others mass-produce flowers into hypnotic patterns. Unlike other floral-friendly years, this season the spring mix is saturated in two distinct colour palettes: moody or hyper. The somber palette eloquently contrasts the peppy attitude of flowers, while the bright shades enhance the playful side, in almost a satirical way.

The major challenge with wearing the buds is accommodating them into your outfit appropriately. So let’s go over some basics. Floral and floral works; it just has to be the right marriage. They have to share some common dimension, whether that be colour, size or pattern. On the runway, we’re even witnessing perfectly paired separates. If you want to introduce them in a more humble manner, start simple. A crew neck T-shirt or a crisp button-down is probably your best bet. Opt for minimal flower arrangements; even extremely abstract ones convey the message well.

Julie Rubinger

Julie Rubinger is a Toronto-based fashion writer. With a Masters in Communication and Design from Ryerson’s School of Fashion, Julie writes for publications like Canadian Living and The Genteel. Amongst her writing, Julie also continues to work as a wardrobe stylist for la closette. For further information about Julie and her fashion theory-obsessed life, go to or follow her on Twitter at: @julesrubinger

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