What To Expect When Your Favourite Hair Salon Or Barbershop Re-opens

With all of the lock downs and restricted access (if any) to our favourite people and places, the past 18 months have been rough. And it shows. Just look in the mirror. Our hair has never been more neglected. But with the rising numbers of people being vaccinated and decreasing numbers of people suffering with Covid, there’s a sense of hope, happiness and haircuts. Daniel Naumovksi, the co-owner of TAZ Hair Co., personal and professional coach and member of the Goldwell North American Artistic Team shares what to expect when your favourite hair salon or barbershop reopens.

Tip #1: Be patient
It’s normal to feel excited about returning to “real life and actually getting your hair cut by your stylist,” says Naumovski. Yet, considering the isolation so many people have experienced, waiting for that hair appointment can also feel excruciating. “Salons will be re-opening with 50 per cent capacity for your safety. Wait times and getting booked for your appointment will take longer. If that’s stressful for you, put your name on a cancellation list that may alleviate some of the stress for you.” The expected timeframe: between five to six weeks after salons and barbershops re-open. “So please also try to be patient as your stylist or colourist works hard to fit you into their schedule.”

Tip #2: Trust your salon
Chances are extremely high that your stylist or barber has not been working for many months and feels or has felt drained as a result. So like you, they want to be in a positive and friendly environment away from the seemingly incessant Covid chatter. “We don’t want to talk about Covid and vaccines any more,” says Naumovski. “Please don’t ask your stylist or barber if they’ve been vaccinated. We’re focusing on creating a safe and happy space for our teams and clients. Rest assured that all reputable salons and barbershops are following government protocol and doing everything in their power to make sure that their staff and their clients are healthy and safe so that we can all get back to work and living life.”

Tip #3: Come clean
Once you’re in the chair, take the time to have an honest conversation with your stylist or barber. Let them know if you’ve been cutting your own hair or if your significant other has been wielding the scissors. Perhaps you found someone on Craig’s List offering backyard basic cuts, whatever it is, spill. “Share what you’ve been going through and how you’ve been coping and if you’ve cheated on your stylist, just tell them,” advises Naumovski. “Because even if you have cheated, we don’t care. Just come back.”

Tip #4: Grab the opportunity
It’s safe to assume your hair is longer than normal, maybe even a little less stylish looking? Fair play. Use the extra growth and your appointment to try something different. “Fades were really big before the pandemic, so now more textured cuts and longer lengths are on trend,” says Naumovski. “Look at your appointment as your opportunity to change your cut and your colour. Do something that will make you feel good again.”

Tip #5: Tip if you can
Tipping your stylist or barber is always a personal choice. But if they’re someone you’ve been counting down the days to see, you can let them know how much you’ve missed them and appreciated them with a tip. “If you haven’t been personally affected by the pandemic and you cherish your stylist, a tip is always appreciated,” affirms Naumovski. “And now, more than you know.”

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