App Of The Week: Voxer


App Name: Voxer

Price: Free

Available for: iPhone and Android

Have you heard of Voxer? This “walkie talkie” app allows you to communicate via instant voice messaging. It also allows you to send photos and texts to one or more of your friends. You can log into this App by logging onto Facebook. Unfortunately, Facebook does not permit Vox to access your account, so you can’t find friends who use Vox through Facebook. Search for your friends who use Vox by entering their name or email in the “Vox directory” on your device. To give your friends the option to add Vox, enter their name in the “Invite friends” feature.

This App is a cheaper alternative to texting and a whole new method of mobile interaction. It’s definitely worth downloading if many of your contacts are also using it. 

Rating: 3.5 out of 7


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