We Tried It: RHA MA750i Headphones

Above: RHA's MA750i Headphones
Above: RHA's MA750i Headphones

Product: RHA MA750i headphones
Who tried them: Zach Buck, Maple Media editor and managing editor of Nexopia.com
Retail price: $129.95
Available: Apple stores and various independent retailers, boutiques, University/College campus stores across Canada


The MA750i from RHA is a serious set of headphones.

This week, AmongMen got the chance to try out the MA750i headphones, top product from Scottish premium audio company, RHA. It’s a sound design.

Loud as hell, but well balanced— even at full volume, the MA750i’s keep sound crisp and thick­. You hear the track as it stands.

Even before you put them on, the sleek black buds just look deluxe: the audio jack is gold plated (another sound-improvement feature) and all connections on the cord (microphone, jack-base, and the spot the cord splits to each ear) are stainless steel.

The cord itself is about twice as thick as you’d get on standard iPod earphones, and much heavier. It’s also almost five feet long.  The headphones are over-ear, and while this makes them suitable for training, it can be a negative feature if you’re not into the look.

The MA750i’s run retail for $129.99. If you’re looking for a single step up from iPod ear-buds, select a cheaper pair. They’re also made for maximum compatibility with Apple products (their 3 button volume/pause/microphone interface will work with your iPod and iPhone), but still promise to deliver top quality sound from any device. Go for the similar MA750’s (the same set without button controls) if you don’t use Apple.

The MA750i’s also comes with 10 differently sized silicone and 4 memory foam tips, as well as a leather carrying case. They’re available at Apple stores and boutiques across Canada.

Zach Buck

Zach Buck is a writer and editor currently living in South Korea. He serves as the official editor of Spatial Studies magazine HEADREST. In 2016 he released experimental digital archive game house.xct_ with Other Families, and it can be read about on otherfamilies.ca.

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