Check List: Before You Put A Ring On It Follow This Proposal Guide

Above: Greg's elaborate marriage proposal in 'Meet The Parents" was interrupted by a phone call from his girlfriend’s sister, who says that she just got engaged
Above: Greg's elaborate marriage proposal in 'Meet The Parents" was interrupted by a phone call from his girlfriend’s sister, who says that she just got engaged

You many not finish each other’s sentences or rarely watch a game of hockey together, but you’ve been through many ups and downs, and made it through the storm. One thing you know for sure is that your girlfriend is ‘THE ONE’. The women in your past don’t hold a candle to her and you can’t image spending the remaining days of your life, growing old, with anyone else.

Before you get on bended knee, you have to put together a serious game plan to pop the all-important question. You only get one shot at this so here is a step-by-step proposal guide to help you make like Beyoncé and put a ring on it.

Ask and you shall receive

It’s a traditional notion, for sure, but getting the blessing of your lady’s parents is a no brainer and will give you major brownie points with all parties concerned. A joint, 2012 survey conducted by Men’s Health and of approximately 1,500 engaged or married couples said that “60% of women think you should ask at least their mother or father before asking for her hand in marriage.”

Arrange to meet the parents – without your lady’s knowledge to keep everything a surprise – at their home or at a non-descript location like a coffee shop. Jot down a few talking points beforehand and be prepared to get grilled like a piece of fish, you’re marrying their little girl after all. Just remember to keep calm no matter what and say what’s in your heart. The things you do for love.

Plan the proposal

After you get the parents’ blessing it’s time to plan the proposal. Now, you may be tempted to casually ask your lady their idea of a dream proposal. Don’t! Women have a sixth sense and it’ll ruin the element of surprise. The same survey showed that 47 percent of women felt that surprise is an important factor in the proposal.

If you’re looking for help in the planning process, enlist a trusted family member or your lady’s best friend forever, one who will keep the proposal top secret. This person can help you brainstorm ideas for a location to pop the question, place to buy a ring and, in general, give you moral support.

Get the ring

Here’s where your lady’s BFF comes in handy; if you don’t know the type of ring she wants have the BFF go shopping with her (just the girls), walk into a jewelry store and browse the engagement ring section, then have said friend report back to you with the findings. Knowing the type of ring your lady wants will point you in the right direction to choose the best cut, color and clarity that suits her style.

On the more practical side of things, make sure to factor in how much you’re willing to spend. The traditional rule of thumb is that an engagement ring should cost two-months of your salary, but nowadays it’s all about what you can realistically afford without going into debt.

The perfect location

Location, location, location! Picking the right spot to pop the question is just as important as getting the ring, it can make or break the moment. Proposing in a restaurant is a thing of the past and public proposals in front of dozens of strangers in a baseball stadium, à la Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, can be awkward. You want the place of your engagement to be special, a little private and romantic; try the site of your first date, a weekend getaway, on vacation or a local landmark are all good options.

Get on bended knee

You’ve double and tripled checked everything, and are ready to pop the question. Poems and serenades aren’t necessary to ask her “Will you marry me?” It’s all about being real at this point, speaking from the heart and telling your lady how much you love her. However, if you need to get your thoughts in order write them down; think of the first time you met, your favorite quality about her and how she makes you feel. Oh and don’t forget to get on bended knee, a whopping 76 percent of men from that same survey felt they should go down to one knee to propose.

Prepare for the aftermath

Once you’ve pooped the question you’ll both want to share the good news. Get out your cell phone to take a picture of the ring on her finger and of each other, as well as call the all-important parents. You’ve made it through one of the most nerve racking experiences in your life and it’s time to revel in the joy to follow, because before you know it you’ll be planning the wedding together. Oy!

Kimberly Lyn

Kimberly Lyn is a freelance writer based in Toronto. Her worked has appeared on StyleList Canada, 29 Secrets and She is also founder of the highly successful fashion blog The Souls of My Shoes, where she provides insights and thoughts on this world with a concentration on footwear. Find her at and on Twitter @kimberly_lyn.

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