Make A Good Impression On Tinder

Above: Tips for scoring on Tinder
Above: Tips for scoring on Tinder

Trying to find love on Tinder and not having much luck? While people are on there for all sorts of reasons—to have a laugh, to have a one-night stand, to just meet new people, or, yes, to even find a girlfriend—there are some ways you can make your experience on this app a little more successful if you’re looking for a genuine relationship.

You have to swipe right

You’ll only have matches if you swipe right, after all. While it’s fine to look for your type on Tinder, it can be hard to judge someone off of a handful of photos. Remember, too, that some people look better in person than they do in photographs, so maybe every once in awhile, when there’s that girl you’re debating which way to swipe, swipe right and just see what happens.

Include several photos of yourself

Put some effort into the photos you put on your profile. Include at least one that shows your face well, and try to include one full length shot if you can (just as much as you want to know what your potential date’s body looks like, so does she!). Photos that show some of your interests are good, too, whether that’s going to catch a baseball game or going camping. It should obvious, but if you’re looking for a serious relationship, avoid including photos of you in your underwear in your profile.

Write a sentence or two

Tinder is designed so that profiles are mostly based on looks. But including a quote that is significant to you, or a few lines about yourself whether it’s what you do for work, or about some of your favourite things, will give potential dates a bit  more insight into you, and possibly sway them into swiping right.

Send messages

Sure, you could wait til she messages you first, but she’ll appreciate being approached by you first. And put some effort into making conversation. Ask about something related to her photos (maybe one shows her surfing or some other type of hobby that you can talk about). Try to maintain a lighthearted banter—crack a joke or two so that it doesn’t feel like a dry job interview. A simple hello can kick things off smoothly for most of the people you approach, but avoid calling her sexy or beautiful off the bat (it can sometimes come off as though you’re just looking to hook up).

Listen to her cues

If conversation is rolling along, you can go ahead and ask if she’d like to switch to texting outside of the app;  but respect her privacy if she says she prefers to stay on the Tinder app. If you seem to be hitting it off, then why not go ahead and ask her to meet for coffee or a quick bite? Women still like to be wooed, so most would prefer if you make the first move in asking to meet.

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