Our Five Favourite Fictional Girlfriends

Our Five Favourite Fictional Girlfriends
Our Five Favourite Fictional Girlfriends

These unattainable women of television have teased and tempted our desires for years. From a shotgun-wielding tomboy in a post-apocalyptic town to a shallow rich girl who found her true self after the loss of her best friend, the five following characters have been selected for their ability to remain by their boyfriends’ sides no matter how dire the circumstance—and this is television, so things are pretty damn dire, like, all the time

Above: Sloan McQuewick from EntourageAbove: Sloan McQuewick from Entourage

Who: Sloan McQuewick

From: Entourage (2004-2011)

Why: She’s exotic, beautiful and wealthy. But these are just the surface-scratching aspects as to why men love the gorgeous gal who holds her own with a group of douchey guys. She’s the daughter of a powerful Hollywood figure, remains down to earth and—obviously—doesn’t discriminate against short guys. She knows Hollywood’s superficial qualities better than most, and chooses to wade against them rather than conform. Many women popped in and out of the guys’ lives during the series, but Sloan was the only one who managed to remain. During the interim of the seventh and eighth season however, Sloan and Eric split due to her jerk-of-a-father’s prenup demands and E’s decision to take over her godfather’s talent agency. Sloan is later spotted carrying E’s baby, where she is convinced to give him another chance. Sloan and E are then spotted boarding a plane to an undisclosed location while Vince (the show’s lead character) heads to Paris to get married.

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