Why Do You Love Her?

Think about it... Why do you love her? (Photo: solominviktor/Shutterstock)
Think about it... Why do you love her? (Photo: solominviktor/Shutterstock)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, truer words have never been spoken. But with ocular opinions aside what is it that leads a man to love a woman? This is a question every advanced ape needs to ask himself, because though a trophy fills the mantle space it leaves you empty otherwise.

So why do you love her?

Sure she looks good in linen and lace, but it’s doubtful she’s always in her undies. Perhaps it’s the fact she can cook, because a woman who can seems harder to find than it should be. Or maybe she is well read. There’s nothing quite as sexy as an educated woman able to form her own opinion. Maybe she respects your space, makes her own money and isn’t carefree about spending yours. It could be that she’s an artist, exotic, cultured, or stylish. Whatever her saving grace or uplifting attributes it’s obvious she has some, because why bother with a magical mistress if she doesn’t have a few tricks up her sleeve.

Does she motivate you?

Are you enlightened by her conversation? It must be something along these lines, because the measure of a man is considered by the company he keeps. If she is bright than you must be also, and if she is sweet you must be somewhat kind.  This is not to say that you’re two peas in a pod, it would be almost incestuous to court a lass exactly like you. What similarities do suggest however is that each party inspires something within the other. Together you are better, else you’d be better off alone. Although it must be noted that not enough people look at it this way, because dead end relationships are a dime a dozen and the coins are stacking to the ceiling.

If all she’s doing is filling space, and all you’re doing is passing time, why not cut the cord? Though our culture has curated the idea that it’s best to be in a couple, it’s time we understand that courtship is not an issue to be debated by a committee. You must decide for yourself if you love her, and consider the reasons as to why. Think! It’s something we don’t do enough. Think about why you love her, because if you do it will be stimulating. If you don’t at least you’ll know and thereafter so should she.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and there’s always something new and interesting to look at. But love is in the heart and it takes some mental work to see it yourself. Do the work, think it over, and discover for the first time or yet again the reasons why you love her.

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