Above: Matthew McConauhey in Magic Mike (2012) and Dallas Buyer's Club (2013)


Matthew McConaughey

Dallas Buyer’s Club

To play the role of Ron Woodruff, a man who finds out he is HIV positive and then given 30 days to live, McConaughey lost 47 pounds. To go from a guy who is in great physical shape, to someone who is visibly ill and dying, McConaughey had to change his entire lifestyle. He reports eating 5 ounces of fish and a cup of vegetables twice daily. Tapioca pudding was also a staple.  He exercised every day in order to burn at least 1,800 calories, as his goal was to lose 4 pounds a week.

McConaughey is reported as saying “I’m a guy who likes the outdoors, but Ron needed to be pale. I stayed inside. And what did I end up doing? I wrote a lot, I read a lot.” Clearly, he was willing to completely alter his lifestyle for this role, and it shows in his appearance.

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