Fragrance Of The Month: Henry Rose Char EDP

Fragrance of the Month: Henry Rose Char EDP

This month? We try out Henry Rose Char EDP…

Long before Michelle Pfeiffer launched Henry Rose, her line of genderless fine fragrances crafted with 100 per cent ingredient transparency, she’d made her indelible mark. Her roles in Scarface, The Age of Innocence, Batman Returns, The Fabulous Baker Boys and White Oleander, to name a few, have been nothing short of impressive and have imprinted on, well, pretty much everyone’s memories.

So, it makes sense that her eau de parfum Char feels as equally inspired.

Spicy and warm with a hint of Hollywood-esque smoke and mirrors, Char evokes a mix of contradiction sensations. It is as simultaneously sexy and sensual, as it is understated and fresh. On first spritz, the scent’s blend of sweet South American tonka bean, heated Ivory Coast ginger and musky labdanum wafts forward. A trail of intense Indonesian patchouli leaf and bright Moroccan orange flower soon follows, adding intimacy and heat. A final layer of earthy and fresh Haitian vetiver completes the fragrance.

The overall effect is mysterious and evocative, engaging and inclusive. “I was inspired to create a fragrance surrounding the sensuality of the tonka bean,” Yves Cassar, Char’s nose and a perfumer for the International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), noted in a statement about the scent. “Tonka bean mixed with the freshness of ginger on top gives this fragrance warmth and spice.” And Michelle Pfeiffer, she gives it a quality that is best described as legendary.

Henry Rose Char, $48 for 8 ml and $165 for 50 ml available at Sephora.

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