Cellulite. Yup, It’s No Longer Just A Woman’s Beauty Concern

Cellulite. We know you’ve heard of it before and most likely from the mouths of your mom, SO, aunt, sister or best friend. Although they probably called the lumpy, dimple-looking flesh on their thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hipsor arms something disparaging like “cottage cheese” or “orange peel.” So if you’ve been wondering what the small crevices on your gut and butt are, now you know. You have cellulite. In fact, according to Scientific America, 10 per cent of men have always had cellulite. So while the 80 to 90 per cent of ladies who have it and have been whispering about it for decades, the male factor has only recently been acknowledged.

“Cellulite is never something we want to see on our bodies,” adds Dr. Gretchen Frieling, a board-certified Dermatopathologist in Boston. “And it’s dreaded by women and men alike.”

Why do I have cellulite?
While anyone can have cellulite, men tend to experience it more frequently on their abdomen and buttocks and if you smoke, eat fatty foods and don’t exercise your chances of cellulite forming can increase. “Cellulite is caused by fat cells pushing up against a layer of skin, tethered down by connective fibres that attach to the muscles,” explains Dr. Frieling. “When there is a build up of fat, these fibres pull down while the fat pushes up, creating the appearance of uneven, bumpy skin. Cellulite is not a weight issue and can affect individuals of all shapes, sizes and ages.”

Should I be worried if I have it?
No, there’s no need to worry, cellulite is not a serious medical condition. Although it may cause you to feel self-conscious or even embarrassed. After all, we do live in the age of Instagram.

How can I prevent or get rid of my cellulite?
“If you’re looking for an at-home treatment, topical creams are an effective way to diminish cellulite. However, they’re not a long-term or complete cure,” says Dr. Frieling. “The fat cells are still under there!  To maintain the results, you’ll have to apply the product every day. Use a moisturizing cream with ingredients that treat fatty tissues, such as caffeine or retinol to minimize cellulite. To see results, you must apply the topical cream daily to improve cell circulation.” Over the counter drugstore, anti-cellulite products (and there are many to choose from), typically contain caffeine which works as a diuretic, dehydrating the fat cells and changing the water content in your skin to reduce the appearance of cellulite or 0.3 per cent retinol which thickens the outer layer of the skin to mask the dimples.

How can I non-invasively reduce and prevent cellulite?
Cut out the sugar: “Your diet may be playing a significant role in the amount of cellulite you have and one of the biggest culprits for causing cellulite are sugary sweet snacks and processed foods,” says Dr. Frieling. “Sugar is stored in our fat cells, and having too much will cause them to expand, thus creating the appearance of cellulite. The same goes for foods with high sodium intake, which cause bloating and water retention, making cellulite more noticeable. Other foods to avoid are cheese, soda, deli meat, fried food, and white bread.”

Get your body moving: Every single day. And that could be hitting the gum, going for a run, swimming laps, cycling…whatever works best for you. “While it isn’t exactly the cure for cellulite, regular exercise will help in its prevention by strengthening the muscles underneath the fat in your butt, abdomen thighs and hips.”

Put out the butts: In other words, stop smoking, vaping and getting your Mary Jane on.Smoking reduces the amount of blood that flows to your skin, causing the skin to become thinner and saggier.

And cut back on the booze: “Elimination or significantly reducing the amount of alcohol you consume may aid in decreasing the toxins that accumulate underneath our fat cells,” says Dr. Frieling. “Alcohol also has high amounts of sugar, which will only make the cellulite more noticeable.”

Drink lots of water: At the chance of sounding like your trainer, doctor or even your mother, drinking at least one litre of H2O a day should be the golden rule to follow…for everything from clearer skin and increased energy to healthier organs and reduced cellulite.“By drinking eight to 10 glasses of water every day, you’re helping to remove the toxins stored underneath the layer of fat which cause our skin to look lumpy,” adds Dr. Frieling. “Staying hydrated also helps with the overall health of your skin, making it appear more plump and full.”

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