About Face: Bioré UV Aqua Rich Weightless Moisturizer SPF 30

About Face: Bioré UV Aqua Rich Weightless Moisturizer SPF 30

Optimum hydration without a heavy feel and UVA/UVB broad spectrum protection with a SPF 30? Yup, you can have both. Bioré UV Aqua Rich Weightless Moisturizer SPF 30 daytime lotion gives you the sun coverage you want and need, now that life is heating up again and you’re heading outdoors. What is doesn’t have is that tacky, sticky and gross feeling too many face creams with SPF leave on your skin.

Developed from Bioré Japan’s water-based sun protection line (iconic for their fresh textures and invisible clean protection), this feather-light moisturizer smooths on easily and absorbs instantly to hydrate your face and protect you from the sun’s harsh UVA (think aging) and UVB (think burning) rays. Mix-mastered with hyaluronic acid, the sheer formula moisturizes and plumps up your skin without clogging pores (because it’s non-comedogenic), that unpleasant heavy feeling and, it won’t leave a white residue on your face. It’s not greasy either, so it won’t leave you looking shine and it’s great for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones.

Plus, you can wear it all day and night and reapply as often as you like. Which makes good sense when you’re outside for prolonged periods of time or sweating it up at the gym. That’s because the good folks (a.k.a: the scientists behind every product) at Bioré value your dermis as much as they do your skincare routine by creating products that are as safe to use as they are hardworking and effective. Crafted from sustainable ingredients and dermatologist tested, this is one lotion/sunscreen you’ll want to rub on every day.

Bioré UV Aqua Rich Weightless Moisturizer SPF 30 from $15.99 for 50 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart online at www.amazon.ca.

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